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Good Equipment equals to Great Sound

In the world of Music Production, good equipment can really make you songs shine. Good microphones whether they are dynamic or cardiod can really make your vocals and instruments shine. Whether you are a lead vocalist or a drummer, we will help you buy the best microphone suited to your budget.

We have wide experience with selling a large variety of premium microphone brands and have supplied original microphones to some of the most renowned names in the world of music as well as recording studios.

Sounds Cards Audio Interfaces

There are a wide range of sound cards out there with a bewildering range of hardware specifications. We understand that it may be tricky in such a situation to invest money in high end soundcards and then realise it's not the right fit for the kind of recordings that you are want to make.

We help you:
  Understand & buy the right sound card for your needs
  Differentiate between premium & entry level sound cards
  Upgrade to better sound cards
  get discounts on premium sound cards

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