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Music Production Course

We understand that people who contact us for installation of VST's and softwares also require the services of a trained and experienced Music Production Instructor who can systematically train them about the usage and benefits of the dozens of VST's, samplers, synths and processing softwares at their disposal. Whether you are a complete newbie at music production or a seasoned pro, you can take lessons from our experienced VST and Music Production instructors who can help you thoroughly understand the mechanics and the application of the different VST's and plugins.

Benefits to learning from us

It makes sense to learn music production from our tutors because we intimately understand music production technology and have been immersed in the world of VST's and DAW's for many years.

  Flexible Home Based Training
  Increase your Skill Sets
  Hone Your Music Production Chops
  Learn how to Work Faster
  Learn Correct Way to Produce Songs
  Learn How to Market your Music

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