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We provide Mac installation

We know how frustrating new Mac installations can be when it comes to installing brand new Music Production Softwares and VSTI's on your Mac. We help you build brand new custom Mac Systems whether you are an amateur bedroom music producer who needs basic software set ups or whether you are a professional Music Programmer / Composer who wants high-end workstations with all the latest gizmos, gadgets and softwares.

Our Mac installations are specially tailor made for newbie and professional Music Arrangers / Programmers, Audio Visual Editors, Designers & Animators from VFX Industry.

Our services include Installation & Maintenance

We take a team approach and consult with you properly to help you gauge and evaluate your exact needs based on your goals and of course your budget. Depending on your feedback, we give you an idea of the approximate budget. Once an advance is paid, we start the installation process and keep you informed on the timelines when your system can be properly tested and returned back to you.

If you are experiencing problems with your Mac or other softwares, our experienced team of hardware and software experts will perform a comprehensive assessment, to diagnose your problem and suggest solutions so that you can return to your work as soon as possible!

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