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Different Types of Music Producers

Just like there are different types and categories of people, one can also slot music producers into categories.

  1. The Jack of All Trades Music Producer

These producers can also be called artists because they compose the music, write the lyrics, sing their songs, play instruments, program the songs, mix, master and even dance and act in their music videos! These type of music producers are blessed with a natural and diverse musical talent and know exactly what they want in their songs, arrangements, orchestrations, sounds and vocals. These kind of producers are good for artists who dont compose or write their own songs and need help and support on that front. Hip Hop producers like Neptune, Timbaland and Kanye West have created hit singles for many artists. Some producers work with different artists and musicians who supply the music and the arrangements. But the Jack of All Trades Producer does everything from creating the rhythm, the drum parts, the bass guitar lines, the keyboards, the string arrangements, horn arrangements and the vocals. Even if this producer cant play guitar and hires a session guitarist he will be in their face all the time ensuring that the  players give the producer exactly what he wants. This producer feels responsible for every note on the song. In the words of Timbaland, “I am the music. The artist is just the frontman for me.”

2. The Sidekick Music Producer

As a sidekick Music Producer one usually gets started as an engineer, music programmer, musician or co-writer. These type of artists collaborate with artists in the initial years of their career. If the artist becomes successful, the Music Producer is promoted as a co-producer. These types of music producers are the perfect ally for the confident and independent artist who needs a right hand man to bounce off his musical ideas. This type of producer can take care of the things that the artist does not want to deal with or does not have the expertise to take care of viz. the administrative and technical side of things. This producer has a very hands on role which is very satisfying if you have the personality for it. If you are a hands on guy then teaming up with a creative powerhouse of an artist can help you succeed in the business.

3. The Collaborator Music Producer

The majority of music producers fall in this category. Most colloborative music producers come from bands or music projects themselves – not the vocalist but mostly likely the drummer or bass player. That maybe because they have experience with other bands and music projects in the past and know how the music production system works. They do not see themselves as being a ‘one man band’ unlike the Type 1 type of producer. These producers enjoy collaborative situations and bring that team member mentality to their projects. Often they fit right in as an extra member of a music band or project. The hallmark of this type of music producer is his flexibility and the willingness to see the other person’s point of view. The motto of the collaborator is, “the whole is greater than the parts”. The collaborative music producer knows how to steer the musicians or the band away from time wasting situations and recommend approaches that work for the genre of the band.

So what kind of music producer are you?!


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