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The Importance of Good Gear

If you have a very modest budget for recording your music, you can still create professional sounding recordings. But for that you have to know what you need and not what you want – which could be some fancy expensive equipment that you have heard of. Some of the most common mistakes that a lot of music producers make when purchasing gear are:

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Music Production VST Instruments

Different Types of Music Producers

Just like there are different types and categories of people, one can also slot music producers into categories.

  1. The Jack of All Trades Music Producer

These producers can also be called artists because they compose the music, write the lyrics, sing their songs, play instruments, program the songs, mix, master and even dance and act in their music videos! These type of music producers are blessed with a natural and diverse musical talent and know exactly what they want in their songs, arrangements, orchestrations, sounds and vocals.

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